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10 Vital Rule's For Giving Incredible Speeches
and Why They're Irrelevant
Using his 1990 Golden Gavel acceptance speech. Tom Peters addresses the audience in this video about speech making.Alternately tongue-in-check and serious, this informative and entertaining acceptance speech is liberally peppered with anecdotes and more than a little autobiographical insight into ho... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Advanced Presentation Techniques
How to turn good presenters into EXCEPTIONAL presenters
Advanced Presentation Techniques, gives you 20 tried and tested activities for developing the skills of experienced presenters beyond the basics. Fine-tune the skills of presenters so that they are able to make effective and powerful presentations of all kinds, whenever the need arises.Advanced Pres... read more
Audience Is Yours, Now, The
The sequel to The Floor is Yours, Now aimed at presenters who already know something about the process of giving a presentation but want to improve their skill at handling audiences. The film presents three different audience types: senior management, staff and clients/ agents and explores the probl... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Basics of How to Plan, Write and Give a Winning Presentation, The
Be ready to anticipate the moment. Feel the goals and aspirations of your audience and make the presentation of your life! Divided into three sections— planning writing giving a presentation The Basics of How to Plan, Write and Give a Winning Presentation! will help you overcome the “presentation ji... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Delivering Effective Training
The most important part of effective training isn't what trainers put into it, it's what learners take away from it. Help your employees take away the skills and concepts they need to do their jobs with this interactive video/book set. Key points: * Discover the needs of the adult learner. * Follow ... read more
Effective Presentation Skills
Shows how to prepare and deliver an effective speech or report. Proven techniques are presented that help viewers give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations. Role playing illustrate right and wrong ways to make effective presentations. Key points:* Establish a conducive and produ... read more
Floor Is Yours, Now, The
Your trainees will empathize with Jim, a young manager who has been put in charge of a major research project and now has the job of presenting his findings to his regional managers. Although initially confident, Jim soon begins to have doubts. It takes his alter ego `James' to guide him through all... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Getting The Business and Keeping It
Is Your Sales Team Reaching Their Full Potential?
These two training DVDs shows sales experts in action — revealing their approach to lasting sales success. Divided into five parts for maximum flexibility, the programme can be shown as a complete course or specific sessions, according to individual skills and needs. Who could benefit?Staff new to s... read more
Great Ideas
Listening and speaking activities for students of American English
This text offers a unique collection of absorbing and enjoyable fluency practice activities designed to improve the listening and speaking abilities of intermediate and upper-intermediate students. Great ideas is: * Lively – students are stimulated to express their ideas in English by photographs, a... read more
Greatest Speeches of All Time
15 of the best speeches from world leaders.• Winston Churchill• Martin Luther King (“I have a dream”)• Roosevelt• John F. Kennedy• Truman• Nixon• Reagan• McArthur• Bob Kenned• Malcolm X.
How to Make Winning Presentations
One of the greatest fears for nearly everyone is making a presentation. Whether it is to one person or one thousand people, the fear is real and for many it is devastating. Don't be one of these people. Stand before the crowd feeling comfortable and confident. With the new How To Make Winning Presen... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
I Wasn't Prepared for That
Overcoming the fear of making presentations
Originally quite comfortable with the thought of submitting a written report on an office relocation, a young executive is panic-stricken when she's told that she has to present it in person to the board. Her first run-through is a disaster, but with encouragement from a colleague she soon learns th... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only