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The team becomes aware of Sanjay’s body odor, and subtle remarks don’t help. Alex tries an anonymous gift of personal hygiene products on his desk – that backfires. Carol prefers a more direct approach, whilst Marcus opts for a more gentle, team-building approach. Carol confronts Sanjay insensitively and he gets offended and defensive. Carol escalates the argument to include Marcus, who finds a solution that suits everyone. 

When the members of the group detect body odor in the meeting they make subtle jokes and gestures, but Sanjay doesn’t notice. Marcus tells Carol about an interesting idea for boosting team morale when Alex walks in with a bag of personal hygiene products she intends to leave on Sanjay’s desk. Carol offers a suggestion for a more direct approach, and Marcus also offers something in a more sensitive, team-building vein. Alex proceeds with her original plan of leaving the hygiene products on Sanjay’s desk – but it backfires. Carol confronts Sanjay with the issue in her preferred, direct yet inappropriate style. Sanjay is offended and becomes defensive. Carol escalates the argument to include Marcus, who finds a solution that suits everyone. 

  Key Learning Points

“It’s hard to give feedback about hygiene. It’s even harder being the receiver” 


Don’tmake jokes
INSTEAD: Use a personal approach

Don’tleave unsubtle gifts
INSTEAD:  Be direct

Don’tgive nasty feedback
INSTEAD:  Be sensitive with words

Don’t alienate the person
INSTEAD: Explain you care


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