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Clear Communication
Overview-------------This training program: * describes the four key elements of interpersonal communication, identifies common barriers to effective listening, and explains how these barriers affect the communication process, * explains what active listening is and describes typical characteristics... read more
Decision Making
Overview-------------This training program: * explains why it is important to know how to make effective and timely decisions in your job, * describes some general types of decisions, * lists some questions that should be answered before a decision making process begins, and it describes some factor... read more
Overview-------------This training program: * describes the effects that a supervisor can have on discipline, * describes some reasons why discipline problems occur, * describes ways of preventing discipline problems, * describes ways of handling discipline problems, * describes major steps involved... read more
Interpersonal Communication
Overview------------This training program: * describes three basic levels of listening and identifies common mental habits that are barriers to effective listening, * describes how to use awareness of nonverbal communication to ensure effective interpersonal communication, * describes common types o... read more
Managing A Work Group
Overview------------This training program: * lists guidelines for setting effective performance goals and explains how expectations affect performance, * explains how a mutual reward system can increase productivity and how a supervisor can use feedback to build high performance, * describes benefit... read more
Managing Yourself
Overview------------This training program: * lists suggestions for how to survive the first few weeks when making the transition to supervisor, * suggests ways a new supervisor can set a positive example for his or her work group, * describes benefits of setting goals and establishing priorities, * ... read more
Problem Solving
This training program: * defines the term "problem" in a way that can apply to a wide range of situations and describes some general ways of categorizing problems, * defines the term "problem solving" in a way that can apply to a wide range of situations, describes some general principles for proble... read more
Team Advantage, The
Overview------------This training program: * describes factors that should be considered in deciding whether to assemble a work team, * describes the roles and responsibilities of the sponsor and the team leader, * identifies typical problems and achievements that occur during the stages of team dev... read more