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A Reason to Buy
Understanding customers' real needs is the key to closing the sale.
Understanding customers’ real needs is the key to closing the sale. Peter Davison plays an angel who helps out an old sales rival. The video concentrates on the vital difference between a product’s features and benefits. The characters take us through a number of humorous sequences, explaining:How t... read more
Apprentice, The: Case Studies on Sales and Negotiation
Case studies on sales and negotiation looks at three of the tasks the teams were set to test their selling skills: property letting, car selling, and B2B sales. These diverse, real-life business situations illustrate the key prin-ciples of selling, from preparation and planning, through to working w... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Art of Selling, The
Sales with service
The best thing about dealing with a good sales person is you don't feel like you're being sold to. As far as you're concerned you're just receiving good service. This programme is designed to equip your staff with all the skills and techniques they need to approach sales opportunities with confidenc... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
The Art of Two-Way Communication
Selling isnt telling Listen and gain the competitive edge
Communication is a two-way street. It can reveal invaluable information about customer needs and buying habits, and give your company a vital edge over your competitors. This video shows your employees how.Penelope Keith stars as a housewife who has learnt a lot about selling by being a customer, an... read more
Ask for the Order! (AFTO)
Research has clearly shown that if you don’t ASK FOR THE ORDER , your probablity of Closing is less than 20%. The video includes 11 realistic vignettes in diverse business settings with 43 different actors. With Art Bauer as oncamera expert narrator, you’ll see demonstrations of right way/wrong way ... read more
Best Service Is No Service, The
Amazon customers want to know, Wheres my stuff?
Program Highlights 75% of CEOs in the U.S. believe they provide above-average customer service. 59% of consumers are dissatisfied with their most recent customer service experience. The gap points to a need for a new approach. With the ever-present need to reduce costs and boost customer loyalty, Bi... read more
Building Retail Brands to Drive Value
Brand strength comes from more than just an ad campaign.
Program Highlights How brand value generates cash and drives up market cap. When you should execute first—and advertise later. Why it's not just the marketing department that worries about brands anymore. Successful brands adapt to the changing needs of their customers. They grow from their base of ... read more
Building the Market-Focused Culture
How to turn a "brand promise" into a "brand experience."
Program Highlights How a market focus releases you from unprofitable customers while attracting and retaining valuable ones. The necessity of an employee brand that is closely aligned with your customer brand. Why your competitors will try to imitate your market focus...but can't. Organizations tota... read more
The Challenge of Objections
Objections are inevitable so turn them into a selling tool.
Objections are a part of life. Whether they become a major problem usually depends on the way they are initially handled.Set in a surreal toyshop, a sales person (John Gordon Sinclair) buys The Selling Game from Patrick Barlow. The characters in the game are programmed to make objections, and the ch... read more
Closing is one of the most important areas of selling, yet it is quite often the most misunderstood. Closing isn't being able to throw magical phrases at clients in order to turn them around, it's a continuous process that begins at the start of a sale and continues through until you gain an order. ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Closing Concepts
Increase your selling power and profit potential with the selling
Demonstrates how the close naturally follows in the sales cycle. Shows how to choose and utilize effective closing techniques to finalize sales. Program Objectives:* Reveal Motorola's 3-Step Process for effective sales closure* Define and demonstrate 8 basic types of closes* Encourage a natural and ... read more
Competing for the Gold
Advanced Selling Skills
Entertaining and instructional, this program uses a track meet scenario to provide an overview of competitive selling concepts with emphasis on consultative selling.Program Objectives:* Reveal Motorola's "Competitive Advantage Checklist"* Explain "product differentiation" and "competitive positionin... read more