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Building Retail Brands to Drive Value
Brand strength comes from more than just an ad campaign.
Program Highlights How brand value generates cash and drives up market cap. When you should execute first—and advertise later. Why it's not just the marketing department that worries about brands anymore. Successful brands adapt to the changing needs of their custome
Customer Focussed Selling
How to sell higher-ticket merchandise
Key points: * Establish initial rapport with a customer * Determine customer needs * Present features and benefits of the merchandise * Overcome Objections * Close a sale by recogni-sing buying signals * Increase sales by selling additional merchandise.
Customer Service Selling
Teach your salespeople selling skills that increase sales and give them more confidence in themselves and your organisation. Key points: * Greeting customers effectively * Determining customer needs * Knowing the location of products * Overcoming customer indecision * Recognizing "buying" signals
Falling Up
Part of 'The Happiness Advantage'
With Falling Up you can turn even the most pessimistic workers into low-level optimists. Shawns research shows that optimistic salespeople made 37% more sales than pessimistic salespeople. Your mindset is a powerful indicator for future success. Simple changes in mindset can make a huge difference! ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Help Wanted
Hire only the best! Learn effective "how-to" methods for interviewing and selecting the right retail employee.Key points:* Determine job requirements* Develop interview questions that predict future performance* Conduct an effective interview* Evaluate candidate responses.
How Clothing is Sold
Fashion Merchandising
Today the fashion NAME is more important than the fashion itself – the garment is secondary. Discover how branding might spell “the end of fashion.” Realize that some well-known designers make more money selling licenses than garments. See how tactics once used to sell soap and soup moved into the w... read more
Leadership in a Fast-Paced Economy
Featured Guests: • Donald J. Carty – Chairman President and CEO, American Airlines • James Keyes – President & CEO, 7-Eleven, Inc. Joining Jeff Greenfield for this program are two of the country’s most dynamic corporate leaders: Don Carty of American Airlines and James Keyes of 7 Eleven. The compani... read more
Merchandising: The Store as Persuasion
The Store as Persuasion
Have you ever gone to the store to buy toilet paper and batteries but left with a whole shopping cart full of impulse buys? That’s merchandising at work. Learn how retailers use science, detailed shopper observation, and applied psychology to sell goods from groceries to trees, from dog bowls to lux... read more
Mindset Matters
Part of 'The Happiness Advantage'
Many studies have shown that when people receive a sugar pill that they believe is real medicine, their health will actually improve. Mindset Matters will demonstrate that the same thing, called the Placebo Effect, can happen in your brain while you're at work. Research proves that when we believe g... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
New Retail Supervisor, The
Build sales team spirit! Designed for anyone who is responsible for the supervision of retail associates. Follow the careers of three retail supervisors as they discuss their experiences about their new leadership responsibilities and improve profitability.Key points:* Manage and control your time* ... read more
No Thanks, Just Looking
Increase sales! This program demonstrates the most effective retail selling techniques as your associates follow the experiences of Cathy at her new job.Key points:* Importance of product knowledge* Analyze sales for continued growth* Sell substitutes and add-on items* Discover customer wants and ne... read more
Power of Suggestion, The
Use this Award Winner to teach Suggestive Selling Techniques to help your sales associates sell more add-ons and multiples! It goes beyond basic selling skills. Suggestive selling skills build sales volume.Key points:* Recognise when to make suggestions* Know what suggestions to make* Advanced sugge... read more