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9 Deadliest Sins of Communication, The
Gain proven, practical solutions to some of the most common workplace communication problems
You can trace almost every workplace failure or faux pas to poor communication skills on someones part. But most foul-ups could have been averted - if people only knew The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communications and how to avoid them. Whether youre the guilty party - or its your boss, co-worker or custom... read more
Achieving Cultural Competence, 50 Activities for
An outstanding source for training activities relating to employee empowerment. Today most executives and managers need to have an international business and cross-cultural perspective. 50 Activities for Achieving Cultural Competence includes 50 training activities and self-development exercises to ... read more
All For One - The Meerkat Way
A pragmatic philosophy designed to change or reawaken the way we feel about safety.
This comprehensive package is designed to change or reawaken the way we feel about safety- and help inspire a cultural step change towards an interdependent safety culture. As a species, Meerkats should never have survived at all. They're tiny vulnerable creatures that live in an incredibly hostile ... read more
Art of Communication, The
Produced in India
Lack of proper communication leads a company into a tight spot. Inventories of non moving products are high, products in demand are in short production; production blames materials, who blames finance, who blames marketing for not collecting in time. When the CEO calls a meeting to assess the situat... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
The Art of Two-Way Communication
Selling isnt telling Listen and gain the competitive edge
Communication is a two-way street. It can reveal invaluable information about customer needs and buying habits, and give your company a vital edge over your competitors. This video shows your employees how.Penelope Keith stars as a housewife who has learnt a lot about selling by being a customer, an... read more
Assert Yourself
Learning to be assertive
Passive people avoid confrontation but fail miserably at getting what they want. And while aggressive people often appear to be successful, they rarely win the willing cooperation of their colleagues in the long-run. Assertiveness, however, is much more advantageous. It does not conflict with listen... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Becoming a Future Leader
A Vado Learning Track
Vado Learning Tracks provide learners with recommended course bundles to be taken to together for an in-depth development experience. The Becoming a Future Leader Learning Track comprises the following bundles:  Communicating with Others (5 courses)  Building Your Leadership Skills (10 courses)
Better Business Communication
Key points: * Learn to clarify the purpose of your communication * Discover how to analyze your audience and structure your message for that audience * Practice tips and techniques for better communication in meetings, memos & presentations
Better Business Writing
This practical program, along with its self-study workbook, teaches viewers to write accurate, concise business letters, memos and reports. Key points: * Learn how to enhance your basic writing skills * Discover some of the most common mistakes in business writing and how to avoid making them yourse... read more
Better Meeting Management for Better Communication
Put an end to unproductive meetings, for good!
Are too many unproductive, wasteful meetings eating up your time? If so, then here is the better-meeting-management-training program you've been waiting for to put an end to unproductive meetings. This program begins by showing you the advantages and disadvantages of meetings in the pre-meeting step... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Business Writing Toolkit, The
The complete guide to written communication at work
The Business Writing Toolkit will be one of your most popular training resources: a valuable reference tool for punctuation and grammar; sessions on report writing and how to construct your writing; key tools to incorporate in any communication skills programme.It deals with all the things people ne... read more
Communicating In A Diverse World
Part of the Dialogue - Now You're Talking! Series
How can we communicate in the workplace when differences in perspective, experience, job function and a myriad of other factors often lead to distrust, misunderstanding and even a stalemate on moving a project forward? We can all benefit from learning the tools of "dialogue" -- how to communicate ac... read more
New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only