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Sherry is new, but gets relegated to the bottom of the stairs, where she feels isolated and excluded from team activities and events. Carol ignores Sherry and her induction of Tammy and Carlos is patronizing and demeaning. Meanwhile Alex and Michael help Tammy and Carlos to feel welcome and learn some basic expressions, whilst Casey goes out of her way to make Sherry feel appreciated and valued. 


Sherry the new girl is located at the bottom of the stairs and while trying to be positive she feels completely overlooked.  Alex tries to make Tammy feel welcome and to assist her understanding of basic phrases, while Michael does the same for Carlos. Meanwhile Carlos, whose English skills are better than Tammy, tries to help her with basic phrases. Carol gives Carlos and Tammy a training session, but is patronizing and dismissive, using words and phrases they both struggle to understand, making Tammy and Carlos feel quite devalued. Sherry in the meantime feels completely disconnected from the rest of the staff and excluded from all sorts of activities.  Casey goes out of her way to visit Sherry several times a day to make her feel welcome, appreciated and valued. 

  Key Learning Points

“Early days in a new job have a big impact. A warm friendly start makes all the difference.”


Don’tignore new people
INSTEAD:Be sociable and warm

Don’t overlook needs
INSTEAD: Anticipate and respond to needs

Don’t patronize or cause discomfort
INSTEAD: Explain and invite discussion

Don’t focus on negatives
INSTEAD:Build a positive culture


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