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Marcus introduces Brittany, a personal trainer, to help the team with stretching exercises that can be followed by viewers in real time:

  1.     Shoulder Reset
  2.     Finger and Hand Stretch
  3.     Over the Rainbow
  4.     Neck Stretch
  5.     Loosen Up
  6.     Back Stretch with Ball
  7.     Stretching Legs with Band
  8.     Hamstring Stretch
  9.     Flat Back Stretch
10.     Hanging Stretch

Carol and Marcus discuss the benefits of exercising and Marcus introduces Brittany his trainer to the team to take them through a series of stretching exercises.

The staff follow Brittany through a series of ten exercises tht are done in real time to audiences can follow and join in.

The team works through all the exercises with Brittany and despite some differences in the capacity to successfully manage the stretches people generally enjoyed the activity to varying degrees.

  Key Learning Points

"Ten simple exercises to help you stretch. Join in and feel the benefits"


Don’t keep working without breaks
INSTEAD: Take time out to stretch

Don’t sit hunched over a computer
INSTEAD: Step away for regular breaks

Don’t get dehydrated
INSTEAD: Drink plenty of water

Don’t get stressed and tired
INSTEAD: Relax and refocus with stretching

1.    Shoulder reset
2.    Finger and hand stretch
3.    Over the rainbow
4.    Neck stretch
5.    Loosen up
6.    Back stretch over ball
7.    Stretching legs with band
8.    Hamstring stretch
9.    Flat back stretch
10.  Hanging stretch


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