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Serena questions the decision making process for the cutbacks. Instead of considering the weakest performer, Marcus has hired two new weaker people. Serena is shocked by the random choice toy and arm wrestling competitions used to make decisions. She offers the DECIDE formula and Michael is reinstated because the decision to fire him was unethical.

Marcus makes unbelievable decisions. Instead of selecting a person to leave based on performance, he hires two new people with language difficulties. Serena is shocked to discover Marcus uses a decision-making toy to make random choices, and he fired Michael after an arm wrestling competition. Marcus thinks it’s innovative, honest and appreciated.  But Serena says it is ludicrous.  Serena gives Marcus and Carol her formula for decision making based on the word DECIDE:

D– Define the problem

E– Explore options

C– Consider outcomes

I  – Isolate best options

D– Do It!

E – Evaluate.

Michael is in the process of leaving the office when Carol tells him he is “unfired” as Marcus’ decision was unethical.

  Key Learning Points

“Avoiding decisions weakens your position. Making good decisions keeps you strong”


Don't avoid decisions
INSTEAD: Define problems

Don’t limit yourself
INSTEAD: Explore the options and outcomes

Don’t jump at easy answers
INSTEAD: Isolate the best option

Don’t procrastinate
INSTEAD: Do it and evaluate

Define problems
Explore options
Consider outcomes
Isolate best options  
Do it!


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