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Steve teaches Carlos 6 key skills so problems don't escalate with difficult people. 

We all have to deal with difficult people. Carlos complains to Steve about difficult people he has to contend with on a daily basis. He often feels like hitting them, which Steve naturally discourages. Carol offers her six ways of dealing with difficult people, explored by Steve and Carlos: (1) Observe calmly, do not get sucked into people’s dramas. (2) Listen and show empathy. Acknowledge people’s frustration. (3) Focus on facts: see what people want, and what you can do for them. (4) Ignore bad behaviors, no matter what people are dishing up (this can be easier said than done). (5) Give feedback about bad behavior in a constructive fashion. (6) Build your skills by rehearsing dealing with difficult people. As Steve says, “be 100% Zen”. And believe it or not, dealing with such people helps you get to the next level.

  Key Learning Points

Over-reacting to difficult people gets in the way of a positive outcome.


DON’T get frustrated and emotional
INSTEAD: Observe calmly

DON’T blame or over-react
INSTEAD: Listen and show empathy

DON’T get involved or side-tracked
INSTEAD: Focus on needs and facts

DON’T get upset by annoying behavior
INSTEAD: Ignore or give feedback

  1. Observe calmly

  2. Listen and show empathy

  3. Focus on facts

  4. Ignore bad behaviors

  5. Give feedback

  6. Build your skills

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