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Staff must question strangers, check ID and speak up if they see something.

Marcus reports the sad news to the team that Casey’s pet ferret’s ashes were stolen from her desk. Serena points out that nothing in the office is safe. Carol asks Carlos if he checks visitors’ identification and notices that he is not being rigorous about this. Dion tests Carlos with a weak disguise but Carol secretly arranges for an attractive friend, Marlene, to approach Carlos at reception and flatter him into letting her use the restroom without ID. Carlos falls for the bait; Marlene slips into the office and swipes several important items. When the theft is discovered, Marcus and Serena call an emergency meeting. Although most noticed a tall strange woman in the office, no one asked her who she was or why she was there. Carol produces the “stolen” items, and introduces Marlene. The team discusses the importance of keeping valuables locked up and asking for proof of identification. If you see something, say something. Then Marlene – wearing a wig and glasses – tries again, but Carlos doesn’t allow her in this time. Marcus proposes his security measure: that everyone wears badges. Serena congratulates Carol on revealing the weakness of their office security. Marcus and Serena sing a security message.

  Key Learning Points

Don’t make it easy for thieves. Preventing is better than lamenting


DON’T leave entrances and individuals vulnerable
INSTEAD: Ensure sufficient barriers to access

DON’T let unknown people walk in
INSTEAD: Screen strangers and check ID

DON’T leave valuables exposed
INSTEAD: Always guard your possessions

DON’T ignore something strange
INSTEAD: If you see something say something

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