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Competency Toolkit, The
This user-friendly package contains the most innovative methods, procedures, suggestions, and materials available to help you identify competencies and create models, individual competency assessments, and individual development planning. Developed by two experts with 50+ years of combined experienc... read more
Competency-Based Human Resource Management
Reinvent human resource management to capitalize on employees' talents
Force-fitting employees into a "job box" shortchanges both the employees and the organization, according to David Dubois and William Rothwell. The more effective method is to fit employee talents to the work that must be accomplished. Competency-Based Human Resource Management describes how to reinv... read more
Emerging Issues in HRD Sourcebook
This all new sourcebook will help HRD Professionals prepare their organizations to cope with external change, breaking issues, and state-of-art practices that affect organizational change. It presents the emerging issues that are reshaping the business world and introduces them through articles will... read more
Human Resource Development: A Strategic Approach
Learn how to develop long-term strategic plans for your training department. This book describes how to further HRD goals by establishing a sound purpose statement, assessing the learning needs of all job categories in the organization, and implementing the use of appropriate employee training. Pack... read more