This all new sourcebook will help HRD Professionals prepare their organizations to cope with external change, breaking issues, and state-of-art practices that affect organizational change. It presents the emerging issues that are reshaping the business world and introduces them through articles will help new or veteran HRD practitioners familiarize themselves with the basic parameters of an issue and apply this new knowledge in their unique organizational culture.

* Understanding Issues Affecting HRD
* Using HRD as a Strategic Tool
* Managing for Total Quality
* Building High-Quality Customer Service
* Empowering and Involving Employees
* Managing and Using Teams
* Re-engineering Business Processes
* Planning and Surviving Downsizing
* Managing Diversity
* Applying HRD for Special Groups and Issues
* Thinking Globally
* Emerging Instructional and Learning Technologies
* Managing Organizational Change
* Evaluating HRD: Finding Bottom-Line Measures Reproducible Training Aids
* Sessions Outlines
* Transparency Masters
* Activities

Human Resources
Organizational Development
Featured Talent
William J. Rothwell
Paperback * 400 pp
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