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This module is a practical learning tool. Find out where your paradigm is in its life cycle. Pinpoint the ideal window of opportunity to affect a shift in any paradigm. Discover how your most aggravating problems are the keys to your next paradigm and your future.
* Learn how your toughest problems can trigger the next paradigm.
* Find your location on the paradigm curve.
* Discover when to lead change instead of waiting for change to strike

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Paradigm Mastery Series
A comprehensive 5-part programme to help everyone anticipate and manage change.
A message from Joel Barker - "I want to invite you to take part in this five-part video retreat called the Paradigm Mastery Series. In my extensive study of paradigms I've discovered some amazingly simple truths as well as some far-reaching implications about how we think about the future. The chall... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Organizational Development
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Joel Arthur Barker
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