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Action Learning Toolkit
53 tools to help you understand Action Learning and put it into practice in hundreds of situations
Action Learning is a tried and tested way of finding solutions to issues, concerns, opportunities or tasks in the workplace. These issues have no specific right answer, but provide us with opportunities to explore different courses of action, and to reflect on these actions to see what we have learn... read more
Attitude: Radiating Possibility!
Every Human being is brought into the world Radiating Possibility. The trick is to keep that song going.
Ben Zander, delivers a revolutionary approach for breaking mental barriers that prevent connection with others. Ben teaches all employees, from the frontline to top executives, how to discover a vibrant world of possibility that lies beyond these barriers. In their inimitable way, Ben and his partne... read more
Change & Leadership
This module presents all new information that will help everyone in your organization understand the importance of anticipation, their roles during change and how change relates to their customers.You'll discover a completely new way to look at unsolved problems and their importance.* Learn why you ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Commitment to Quality
This case study of Zytec Corporation gives a behind-the-scenes look at company's effort to put Deming's 14 principles into practice.
Deming Approach, The
Deming's 14-point philosophy. Commitment to change begins with top management's total dedication to quality and permeates down. As quality improves, productivity automatically increases. 85% of all quality problems originate within the system itself, not with the workers. Statistical methods, change... read more
Deming Legacy, The
This case history demonstrates ways in which multi-disciplined teams can solve production problems, and how Deming's statistical methods not only solve immediate problems but also assure ongoing improvement.
Deming's 'Roadmap for Change' Series
Set of 3 videos
The series comprises of the following 3 videos detailed descriptions of which are available under their individual titles. 1. The Deming Approach 2. The Deming Legacy 3. Commitment to Quality Each video: 30 minutes * US$595 * Special price: Rs.8,225
Developing A Learning Organization, 45 Activities for
In a fast-changing world, the only way organizations can flourish, indeed survive, is to keep learning. And that involves learning how to learn. Developing the learning organization is a process to which trainers can make an important contribution, and the exercises in this manual were compiled to h... read more
Emerging Issues in HRD Sourcebook
This all new sourcebook will help HRD Professionals prepare their organizations to cope with external change, breaking issues, and state-of-art practices that affect organizational change. It presents the emerging issues that are reshaping the business world and introduces them through articles will... read more
Essentials of Management
Provide excellent practice in all the foundation skills
When you're looking for ideas to enhance your management development workshops - or even revamping your entire programme - everything you need is here in this one resource. There are times when you don't need an entire pack dedicated to 'meetings' or 'performance appraisals' or 'leadership' or 'moti... read more
Everything Is Design!
This Will Change EverythingYou Thought You Knew About Design
Tom Peters, the brilliant, insightful, often abrasive and self-described “professional loudmouth,” holds the key to your (and every) company’s success—DESIGN! And for the first time, ChartHouse Learning, the creators of FISH!, have teamed up with tompeterscompany! to capture Tom’s amazing insights i... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Leading in a Connected World
Program Highlights How your organization’s interpersonal networks drive business results. Why leaders attuned to networks are more successful over time.  What a high-quality, energy-building network looks like. Networks of relationships among employees are increasingly the means by whi