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Adaptive Organization, The
Program Highlights The values of highly adaptive/highly profitable companies. Why the companies with the strongest culture have the most difficulty with change. Why, even in IT departments, managing people is more important than managing technology. In most large companies these days, you'll find fi... read more
All Washed Up
Insightful strategies for influencing behavior change.
All Washed Up is a short program that discusses what it takes to get people to change their behavior, especially when it’s hard. Join 14 year-old Hyrum Grenny as he takes us through the process of figuring out what it takes to get the toughest subjects, kids, to wash their hands! In this six-minute ... read more
New Release DVD style course with completion certificate only
Blueprint for Change, A: Market-Based Solutions for Global Poverty
How Novogratz developed investment opportunites in Pakistan.
Program Highlights Why it's OK to make a profit when helping the poor. Creating financially sustainable sources for critical goods and services. Two-thirds of the world's four billion people earn less than $4 per day. Yet, due to lack of supply and inadequate distribution, these same individuals oft... read more
Boom and Bust: Thriving Through Major Business Cycles
Program HighlightsHow to recognize and exploit opportunity in a downturn.The role values play in successful transitions.How visualizing the future helps formulate strategy.Voted the Number 1 company to work for in 2009 by Fortune magazine, NetApp has successfully navigated through every major cycle ... read more
Built to Change
Change in your organization doesn't actually begin with a massive change effort.
Program Highlights The myth that humans automatically and universally resist change. Why 60-80% of large scale change efforts fail. Avoiding the "Execution Trap" and the "In Search of Excellence Trap." Organizations are built for stability, not for change. But in today's highly competitive business ... read more
Business of Paradigms, The
To help people seek new opportunities to shape their organisation's future.
Part of 'Discovering the Future' SeriesThis best-selling business video, The Business of Paradigms, offers your organization a common language to help people discuss their attitudes about work and the way they view the world. Paradigms determine the way we see the world and our future. Paradigms hel... read more
Change & Leadership
This module presents all new information that will help everyone in your organization understand the importance of anticipation, their roles during change and how change relates to their customers.You'll discover a completely new way to look at unsolved problems and their importance.* Learn why you ... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Change Management and Strategic Planning
Program Highlights How to counter the confusion, delay, resistance and inefficiency that typically thwart progress. The iterative process of getting everyone to hop on the same change train (even if at different times). The importance of addressing the "What's in it for me?" question Strategic plann... read more
Change Masters Series
Set of 2 Videos
The series comprises of the following 2 videos, detailed descriptions of which are available under their individual titles. 1. Understanding the Theory (29 min) US$550 * Rs.9,450/-. 2. Putting Theory into Action (42 min) US$695 * Rs.10,750/-.
Change Masters: Putting Theory into Action
This program presents 3 case studies of companies that have successfully implemented the methods and practices of change masters. Hewlett-Packard, Security Pacific Bank, and The Stanley Works. The video explorers the reasons each company had for refocusing business strategies to compete in a changin... read more
Change Masters: Understanding the Theory
Change masters are the people and companies that anticipate change and lead with innovation. This video explains the 7 key characteristics of change masters: tuning into the environment, kaliedoscope thinking, communicating a clear vision, building coalitions; working through teams, persisting and p... read more
Classical Change
Change Management. Adapting is the secret of survival, dont just react, act.
Change will continue to affect all companies. For companies to succeed and excel in their new environment, they and their employees must adapt and be prepared for change. Classical Change is a unique video it uses no words, but demonstrates two different approaches to company organisation and struct... read more