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Steve is dejected. Casey tries to cheer him up and Carol offers advice about being in the Negative Land of W. Carol tells the team that certain people are wasting time, wishing they were somewhere else and whining about it... e.g. Steve. Marcus offers a group strategy for dealing with the negativity. Next day Carol explains that Steve has become a Chooser instead of a Loser. 


Steve is feeling unmotivated and negative about his job. When his co-worker, Casey tries to cheer him up and help him he reinforces the reasons for his negativity and leaves her feeling somewhat discouraged. Later, after Steve loses a client and feels particularly down Carol comes in to offer some timely advice about Steve’s position in the negative Land of W. Part of her advice strikes a chord with Steve. At a team meeting Carol explains that some people in the group are wasting time, wishing they were somewhere else and whining about it... the focus being Steve. Marcus, the senior manager, comes up with a group solution for dealing with the negativity. The final scene shows Carol talking to the group and explaining that Steve has made the important change of becoming a Chooser instead of a Loser. 

  Key Learning Points


“Negativity is contagious. Your mood is your choice.”


Don’t dwell on negatives
INSTEAD: Focus on strengths 

Don’tgive up trying
INSTEAD: Show persistence

Don’tkeep wishing and whining
INSTEAD: Build confidence by learning

Don’twaste time
INSTEAD: Work effectively to save time


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