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Steve and Paul Garrison negotiate a large contract to provide services to Paul’s company.  Steve wants to provide a cost effective service based outside Australia but Paul disagrees. Steve acknowledges the concerns but nearly loses the deal when Serena is brought into the equation, and an angry Paul comes back to confront them. Steve finally reassures Paul the Australian deal will proceed.


Steve and Paul Garrison negotiate a large contract to provide services in Australia.  Steve wants to provide the most cost effective service and suggests that the operation be based in a country other than Australia in order to reduce costs.  Paul tells Steve several times that this is not acceptable to him, and finally Steve acknowledges the concerns and suggests that an operation be established in Australia with Serena relocating to head up the operation.  Paul is uneasy about what he perceives to be Serena’s attraction to him.  Steve and Carol both assure him this will not be a problem.  Later Paul arrives at the office very angry as he believes the agreement is off.  Steve asks him what the problem is and despite the inappropriate setting and interjections from Carlos, Steve eventually assures Paul the Australian operation will go ahead and he will confirm this in writing very quickly. 

  Key Learning Points

“A great negotiator shares the vision, and shows strength by being flexible.”


Don’t assume the result
INSTEAD: Be open and ask questions

Don’t endanger the deal
INSTEAD: Build trust and confidence

Don’t have tunnel vision
INSTEAD: Stay open and flexible

Don’t get blocked by objections
INSTEAD: Turn obstacles into opportunities


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