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When facing setbacks recognize when you feel stuck and move forward.

For Sam, the key to overcoming setbacks is to stay positive. Michael complains to Sam about setbacks that prevented him being chosen for Chicago. Sam proposes a policy that limits people’s (namely Michael’s) tendency to vent angrily about perceived setbacks. Marcus explains to his team that it is important to shake off setbacks, as he did when he applied for a job that he didn’t get. He tells his team to be open, confident, flexible, and move forward – all a problem for Michael. The rest of the team relay effective examples of where they overcame perceived setbacks in their personal and work lives. Sam emphasizes that instead of focusing on what went wrong; focus on how to make things better next time. Marcus advocates a peer support program whereby people can ask for help; Sherry adds that others may have strengths that balances one’s weaknesses. Believe you’re a champion, attitude counts – so tell yourself you can do it.

  Key Learning Points

Going over and over a setback keeps you stuck in the past.


DON'T focus only on negatives
INSTEAD: Limit the venting and move forward

DON'T withdraw from others
INSTEAD: Ask for help and share concerns

DON'T lose hope of success
INSTEAD: Remain confident and persistent

DON'T let an obstacle hold you back
INSTEAD: Shake it off and see opportunities

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