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Marcus uses hat day to demonstrate stereotyping and Casey is in tears.


Most of us resort to stereotyping when dealing with management, colleagues, suppliers, regulators and clients. As Steve, Dion and Barney explain, it doesn’t matter where we come from, or how educated we believe ourselves to be, everyone at some time is guilty of forming blanket opinions based on shallow perceptions. Carol winces when she sees Dion arriving for his first day on the job, in nightclub gear. Sam and Sanjay mock Serena'’s apparent singleton status. Prompted by Serena'’s concern, Marcus sets up a stereotyping training session, asking everyone to wear a silly hat. But the staff end up attacking Casey over her choice of hat.

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COMEDY MAKES LEARNING FUNThis comedy business series completed in 2016 was created by Psychologist Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown.  This series will shock, amaze and entertain you, while at the same time teaching some important lessons in human interaction, in a way you won’t forget! 30 new title... read more
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