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The team explores the pros and cons of managing remotely, but not all agree.


The staff at Cutting Edge discuss the pros and cons of working remotely. Serena is concerned that people won’t work hard, while Casey, Dion and Sherry are all for it. Carol says it’s easy for her because she’s gifted, but people like Carlos and Sanjay might not deliver if they were allowed to work from home. Sam wants a policy, realistic expectations and accountability. Marcus introduces unusual strategies. Carol rejects Carlos’ proposition that she needs someone to give her a to-do list when she’s offsite. Carlos nevertheless swears by his Plan, Do, Check, Action approach to staying on track and achieving his desired outcomes. Steve and Sam suggest tips like switching off distractions and dressing as though you’re actually at work. Serena likes to touch base with remote workers twice-daily to see how they’re faring and discuss problems). Steve and Carlos, sit side-by-side Skyping to confirm their lunch meeting and to clock up the desired Skype hours.

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