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The art of explaining concepts and information is covered in four key steps about engagement, structure, maintaining interest and ensuring understanding. While Carol is impatient and patronizing with new starters, others like Sam, Alex, Steve and Michael are more patient and creative in ensuring their messages are understood one to one or in groups.

Four steps are used to demonstrate effective communication skills when explaining.

Step 1: Positively engage the listener.  Carol loses patience when explaining basic concepts to Carlos and Tammy, so delegates to Sam who is calm and engaging.

Step 2: How to be clear and structured with your communication.Serena explains this through structuring your message with a definitive beginning middle and end. 

Step 3: Maintain interest.  Alex is able to demonstrate through the use of a phone App how you can maintain people’s interest by using visual and technological aids.

Step 4: Be patient and ensure understanding. Sam demonstrates patience and understanding; ensuring information is understood through repetition and clarification. 

  Key Learning Points

"When an explanation is not understood. The explainer needs to improve"

STEP 1    Positively engage the listener

STEP 2   Be clear and structured

STEP 3   Maintain interest

STEP 4   Ensure understanding


Don’t be intolerant
INSTEAD: Positively engage the listener

Don’t ramble
INSTEAD: Be clear and structured

Don’t be dull and boring
INSTEAD: Maintain interest

Don’t assume they understand
INSTEAD: Ensure understanding


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