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Barney disrupts a cultural awareness session Serena is trying to facilitate.


Serena is horrified when she arrives for a cultural awareness meeting and sees everyone wearing fancy dress costumes. She explains that depending on where a person comes from, an outfit worn in jest can cause offence. Sam confesses that he hadn'’t taken the time to understand his Latin-American customers. What may be acceptable in some cultures is bad manners elsewhere. In some cultures, it’s not good to bring up certain topics or religion. Serena advocates the importance of doing further research, and not being insensitive or outspoken about other people’s customs. Dion seeks tips from Tammy when doing business in China. Sam notes that even in places where they speak the same language, idioms may vary (causing further misunderstanding). Indulging one’s own cultural practices may prove unacceptable elsewhere; Steve’s rule of thumb is: when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

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