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101 Great Training Games
101 great training games for creating inspirational learning through doing!
As children we learned through play, and as adults we still would, if we were taught that way. Think of every memory you have – the strongest ones will be linked to emotion of some sort – so creating an atmosphere of fun in your training sessions will make the learning experience positive and intens... read more
101 Questionnaires, Checklists and Proformas
Your invaluable learning and development collection
You'll have 101 different questionnaires, checklists and proformas at your fingertips. They have all been carefully chosen to provide you with the widest range of applications across a broad spectrum of situations.Essential tools for all your trainingQuestionnaires, checklists and proformas are vita... read more
Action Learning Toolkit
53 tools to help you understand Action Learning and put it into practice in hundreds of situations
Action Learning is a tried and tested way of finding solutions to issues, concerns, opportunities or tasks in the workplace. These issues have no specific right answer, but provide us with opportunities to explore different courses of action, and to reflect on these actions to see what we have learn... read more
Advanced Presentation Techniques
How to turn good presenters into EXCEPTIONAL presenters
Advanced Presentation Techniques, gives you 20 tried and tested activities for developing the skills of experienced presenters beyond the basics. Fine-tune the skills of presenters so that they are able to make effective and powerful presentations of all kinds, whenever the need arises. Advanced Pre... read more
Assertiveness Skills Pack, The
These activities show how it pays to be assertive
Use this pack to demonstrate what assertive behaviour is and how it can be used in a wide range of work situations. Take the 24 group activities and incorporate them into sessions on customer care, team working, meetings, managing change and giving feedback. Give participants the confidence to open ... read more
Best of Energisers and Pacechangers
100 fun and quick activities for getting and keeping participants in a great learning state!
Energisers and pacechangers are essential craft tools for the trainer. Effective mastery of these tools helps distinguish between a novice and a more ‘seasoned’ operator.Energisers revitalise jaded and weary participants, allowing them to use their minds and bodies in a different way, and thence to ... read more
Best of Icebreakers and Endings
100 great ways to start and end your training session
The first and last few minutes of any training session are vital - this is where you set the tone, get people motivated and into their learning state, and at the end, get them to review, reflect and reinforce their learning. Icebreaker and ending activities can make all the difference to a training ... read more
Business Writing Toolkit, The
The complete guide to written communication at work
The Business Writing Toolkit will be one of your most popular training resources: a valuable reference tool for punctuation and grammar; sessions on report writing and how to construct your writing; key tools to incorporate in any communication skills programme. It deals with all the things people n... read more
Communication Skills
Here are modern communication skills training activities including effective use of e-mail, voice-mail and audio conferencing at your fingertips and ready to run! With Communication Skills, youve got all the essential skills of communication covered including much-needed skills development for the m... read more
Competencies Activity Pack, The
20 Practical Hands-On Activities to Introduce and Make a Success of Competencies
Show how competencies work in practice and how they can be applied in specific work contexts. The Competencies Activity Pack provides a complete programme of activities which can be rolled out through your organisation with the minimum of hassle - saving time and money. You'll be able to create a co... read more
Competency Toolkit, The
One-stop shop for all your competency needs.
This will be your invaluable partner to a successful, stress-free implementation of a competency framework. It gives loads of advice and points to consider, tools to help you design and build your framework, guidelines for how to collect the information you are gong to need, and even examples of man... read more
Dealing with Difficult & Aggressive Behaviour
Build your people's skills and confidence in managing conflict
Give people the skills they need to handle anything their job throws at them - confidently, professionally and calmly. When you're asking people to deal face to face with the public, there can be risks to them and to your organisation. The learning and skills development from this powerful pack prov... read more