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9 Deadliest Sins of Communication, The
Gain proven, practical solutions to some of the most common workplace communication problems
You can trace almost every workplace failure or faux pas to poor communication skills on someones part. But most foul-ups could have been averted - if people only knew The 9 Deadliest Sins of Communications and how to avoid them. Whether youre the guilty party - or its your boss, co-worker or custom... read more
9 Traits of Highly Successful Work Teams™
Proven methods for building and maintaining teams that work
Here are the 9 essential traits a team must have to function at its peak. Youll find out how to keep your team motivated, on track and moving forward - no matter what gets thrown your way. Program highlights: The #1 reason teams succeed, or fail 10 traits of a true team builder 10 characteristics of... read more
Accent Training
Learn changes required to effectively create a variety of accents. Not just samples for imitation, but systematic lessons:Lilt, Stress, Resonance, & Pronunciation. American Southern Boston Chicago Down East New England Mid-West Farm & Ranch New York City 4 Texas Dialects Upper Class New England (Ken... read more
Accents & Dialects for Stage and Screen
This easy-to-follow yet incredibly detailed 354-page book is the industry standard on accents and dialects of the English language. This is the updated, improved and perfect-bound 2011 edition.You get not only a proven system of instruction instead of mere voice mimicry, but an invaluable collection... read more
Dialect Training Pack 2: British & Irish Dialects
This CD demonstrates all the signature sounds of the accent or dialect in word lists, then gives the sounds in practice sentences, finally building up to more difficult practice sentences. Also demonstrates rhythm, intonation, phrasing and tonal placement, giving plenty of practice material. Phoneti... read more
How to Delegate Work and Ensure It Done Right™
Becoming a smart delegator is a sure way to move up in your job. It earns you respect and frees you to do more of what you do best. Whether you are in charge of one person or hundred, the delegating skills you learn in this program will help you propel and your people to higher performing levels. Th... read more
How to Overcome Negativity in the Workplace
Dont let negative thinking drag you down, corrupt your career or sabotage your organisation.
When negativity goes unchecked, moral slips, and productivity suffers and people stop working together. This program looks at negativity from four distinct angles: 1) how it can affect you personally, 2) ways it can spread and infect an entire workforce, 3) what you can do to reserve its tide, 4) ho... read more
TOEIC Business Idioms
from Silicon Valley
Building skills in idiomatic English as used by high-tech business professionals. Includes: • 100 currently used business idioms with definitions and pronunciation tips • Real business situations that illustrate each idiom, in text and audio format.