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25 Reproducible Activities for Customer Service Excellence
Make it easy for employees to provide great customer service with this collection of motivating and skill-building activities.  Theres no need for a special training facility, no huge costs involved, or no prior training experience required. All you need is a group of employees who are committed to ... read more
25 Role-Plays for Interpersonal Skills
Activities Cover:*Counseling  *Assertiveness  *Negotiating  *Problem solving *Fact finding and questioning *Persuasion and influencing Training Objectives: *Provide opportunities for individuals to test new skills in a risk-free environment *Provide training in areas that can only be developed by pr... read more
25 Sales Strategies and Activities
Is your sales team stuck in a rut? Would you like to get them fired up about bringing in new customers and selling more?
5 Sales Strategies and Activities is a unique training and development tool designed to teach sales professionals how and when to use a variety of proven sales strategies. The guide presents 25 strategies and activities in terms of two critical selling factors: Relationships – how the customer perce... read more
500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers
Approach any training challenge with these new, fresh and inspired solutions
Make your teaching and their learning fun, fast-paced and functional. This toolkit of 500 tips and techniques is designed for trainers at all levels of experience who enjoy experimenting, discovering and evolving. 500 Creative Classroom Techniques for Teachers and Trainers covers all the important b... read more
Achieving Change, 50 Activities for
A complete selection of training activities for teaching others the process of accepting change, demonstrating the need for change, reducing conflict, improving communication skills and more. Training Objectives Outline the process of accepting change Demonstrate the need for change Reduce conflict ... read more
Achieving Cultural Competence, 50 Activities for
An outstanding source for training activities relating to employee empowerment. Today most executives and managers need to have an international business and cross-cultural perspective. 50 Activities for Achieving Cultural Competence includes 50 training activities and self-development exercises to ... read more
Administrative, Secretarial & Support Staff, 50 Trg. Actiivities for
An organization is only as good as its support staff, the unsung heroes and heroines who keep the system going. It is their competence and commitment that spell the difference between disaster and triumph. Yet very little material has been available to meet their particular training needs. 50 Traini... read more
Bullying in the Workplace
An Organizational Toolkit
Bullying at work is widespread and its effect can result in low morale, high staff turnover, increased sickness absence, low productivity and ultimately expensive legal costs. This practical and pragmatic toolkit is a comprehensive guide to identifying, understanding and eradicating the problem. It ... read more
Choosing and Using External Consultants
Your complete guide to finding, briefing and evaluating external consultants
Choosing and Using External Consultants is for anyone who has the task of selecting an external consultant - whether you're new to the field of training or an experienced trainer yourself. Outsourcing training is a challenge: you have to be clear about what your organisation wants, and you have to e... read more
Coaching for Results
A Skills-Based Workshop
This comprehensive new training program takes the approach that coaching is a series of skills to be mastered. The 12 skill modules can be facilitated individually or grouped in a flexible one day or two and a half day workshop.Participants Will: • Get valuable feedback on their coaching strengths a... read more
Coaching Skills Activity Pack, The
18 tried and tested practical activities for boosting performance
This pack has ready-to-run ideas and truly practical exercises to make coaching relevant and immediately appealing to managers. Here are fresh approaches to essential coaching skills. Develop skilful questioning techniques; demonstrate the GROW sequence; show that using simple coaching strategies is... read more
Compendium of Icebreakers, Energizers, & Introductions, A
Select from 75 quick exercises to break down barriers, increase motivation, and provide the best possible start to your training program. Compiled by a team of five trainers with a wide variety of experience, the games represent a rich mixture of styles a nd an extensive range of approaches. There i... read more