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Problem Solving & Decision Making
How it worksTeams must co-ordinate an airlift of tents, food and medicines, in various combinations and quantities, to eight isolated villages. Special crates must be prepared, packed with the correct supplies (represented by different coloured blocks), labelled - and loaded into the cargo hold. If ... read more
Alien Encounter Exercise
The Alien Encounter Exercise is an exciting simulation that challenges employees as they develop more effective communication, decision making and team skills.  The exercise centers on a space shuttle mission to repair the malfunctioning Hubble Space Telescope. After repairing the errant satellite a... read more
Antarctic Challenge
The ActivityTeams have a letter congratulating them on mounting an expedition to the South Pole. All the data they might need is held by the Trainer on a series of Datacards. This Databank is ‘open’ for 5 minutes at a time at 30 minute intervals. Teams can access data by written request only and so ... read more
Appraisal Game, The
How it worksIn this popular exercise participants begin with a questionnaire to record their thoughts and concepts of the appraisal process - many people simply have the wrong idea of what appraisal is all about. In the second stage, working in groups, participants get to grips with the fears and ob... read more
Astronaut Rescue Mission
Teams represent a group of astronauts on a training mission. Forced to evacuate the Space Station they have landed safely back on Earth in a remote region. What must they do to be rescued?   The ActivityThe clock is ticking and time is short. Having landed somewhere in the Koruk Mountains teams must... read more
Beer Game, The
Production-Distribution Game
The Beer Game was developed to introduce students, managers and executives to concepts of system dynamics. The purpose of the game is to illustrate the key principle that "structure produces behavior." Players experience the pressures of playing a role in a complex system and can see long range effe... read more
Chinese Tower
The Activity Teams are instructed to build a Chinese Tower using the resources at their disposal.  The customer has given specific instructions. At the start the construction resources are hidden so teams do not know what they have to work with – but they can view them – although it will cost them s... read more
Coaching and Mentoring
The Activity A common fault of would-be coaches is to ‘know’ what needs to be done and then ‘tell’ a person how. In fact a good coach needs more subtle skills – an ability to listen, show empathy and not be judgmental. A coach is not all-knowing nor the ‘expert’. In this activity, carried out in thr... read more
Coaching Game, The
How it worksIn The Coaching Game participants use a board to help them practise simple coaching techniques. They move around picking up cards that will help them do mini-coaching sessions with other players. This method allows them to grasp some fundamental points about the coaching process – it’s t... read more
An earthquake hits the central European country of Morovia. Is it a total disaster? As two teams of Morning News journalists - it's your job to find out. How it Works:This dynamic exercise simulates a hectic office environment. For thirty minutes, the two teams of journalists based in London and Mor... read more
Communication is the Key!
You're on a pub crawl - but with a purpose. While one team has to collect empty bottles, the other has to collect full ones. But (unless they tell each other) neither team knows what the other team is up to. They tend to assume that their task is the same! How it Works:The objective for both teams i... read more
Crisis in Mantique Exercise
A fast moving, challenging exercise that dramatizes how teamwork, open communication, active listening, a win-win negotiating approach and other strategies can overcome misunderstanding and bring people together to constructively solve their mutual problems. Makes learning fun and exciting!Unless a ... read more