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Case Of The Ladder Bandit, The
The Mayberry Deputy is called to the plant to solve a rash of ladder-related injuries in this entertaining video. To catch the “ladder bandit” responsible for these mishaps, the deputy and an accomplice go undercover during their investigation.As the case unfolds, the plant manager begins to doubt t... read more
Practical Approach To Ladder Safety, A
While ladder manufacturers strive to produce the safest ladders possible, a well-made ladder is not enough. Our safety while climbing or working on a ladder depends on following safe work practices: choose the correct ladder for the job; inspect the ladder before use; set up the ladder properly; and... read more
Teamwork In Manufacturing Safety
To promote and maintain positive attitudes toward work, safety and the company, employees and employers must work together. Topics include: * Teamwork between employees and employers needed to maintain industry's excellent safety record * Four accident types * Maintaining the proper safety attitude