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Avoiding Kitchen Burns
Identifies causes of most common kitchen burn accidents from steam, electricity, stoves, hot grease etc., and shows how to avoid them by using correct safety procedures.
Personal Hygiene In Foodservice
Stresses the vital need for food handlers to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and demonstrates the importance of proper personal hygiene and grooming habits to ensure cleanliness and prevent illness.
Preventing Falls and Strains
Teaches that negligent, unnecessary accidents be prevented by following safety procedures. Shows correct lifting techniques to minimize injury; proper methods of clean spills; use of stepladders, etc.
Preventing Foodborne Illness
Food handlers will learn: What causes disease-producing bacteria and other microorganisms; How to eliminate the conditions that cause bacteria to spread and contaminate food; The first-in, first-out storing/serving method; Three most common types of health-threatening foodborne bacteria.
Safe Handling of Kitchen Equipment
Demonstrates the importance of following basic safety procedures when handling kitchen equipment and developing safe conditions and preventing unnecessary accidents.