This book reveals how to truly excel at meeting client needs—and lock in future business, client testimonials, increased referrals and client loyalty. Insightful and full of common sense, Client Relationship Management sheds new light on managing the six elements of successful client relationship management: The client relationship, relationship/project initiation, planning, implementation, closeout, and application/service plan.

The book delivers a wealth of advice from the “real world” — how to define solutions based on the client's history, design a plan that secures ownership from stakeholders, promote strong communication, and orchestrate project closeout to acknowledge individual and team performance. Practical tools for critical stages of the relationship designed to move the effort forward smoothly, without mishap. Decision Matrix. Establish relationships with key stakeholders at the right time. Ensure they have the information to make a favorable decision. Stakeholder Analysis. Get the right people involved at the right time. Develop relationships that foster their support and buy-in for the project. Presentation Guide. Gather information on buying habits and communication preferences of the target group. Communication Matrix. Document what information stakeholders desire, when they want it and how they want to receive it. Relationship Extension Plan. Identify additional opportunities to serve your satisfied client.
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