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Ken Sperling (star of the best-selling video, The Guest) takes off on a routine business trip, and viewers tag along for another ride on his often strange, but always entertaining, flights of imagination. From the baggage line to the hotel lobby, from the bank to the health clinic, viewers encounter some very difficult customers, and some very creative service solutions.

The Difficult Guest shows us that guests don't ask for much: Customers just want to be treated like guests in your home.

Guests don't start out wanting to be difficult.
If they are identified early on and properly handled from the beginning, chances are that you can turn things around. But...

Guests can be difficult in three ways:

  • The Distracted Guest brings all their problems with them.
  • The Disappointed Guest arrives with certain expectations.
  • The Disruptive Guest calls for emergency action.

The key is to recognize your guest, so you can then help them solve their problem. Let The Difficult Guest training package show you how.

The Difficult Guest combines outrageous comedy, customer interactions we can all relate to, and a cast of unforgettable characters to set a highly entertaining stage for some solid training on recognising, understanding and taking care of difficult customers.

Key Learning Points:

  • Listen and let them vent
  • Apologize for their trouble
  • Solve their problem
  • Thank them for their business
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Extensive Training Manual, Leader's Guide, and Trainer's Evaluation Tool.