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This collection of ready-to-use activities will help you make the most of all five key "connections" with participants_those important encounters that can make or break the success of your training. Use these activities at each critical juncture in your training to ensure that participants get involved and stay involved in the learning experience. All necessary handouts and participant materials are included and may be photocopied for your training purposes.

Selected Contents:

I. The First Contact Before the Workshop

II. Saying Hello at the Beginning of the Workshop

* Introducing the Trainer
* Clarifying Expectations and Objectives
* Dipping into the Content

III. Transitions Within the Workshop
* Let's Get Moving
* Re-grouping Techniques

IV. Saying Goodbye at the End of the Workshop
* Review and Action Planning
* Closing Ceremonies

V. Follow-Up After the Workshop
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Lois B. Hart Ed.D.
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