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Managers must understand that people bring more than their skills and experience to a team; they bring their personalities as well. Utilising people's behavioural strengths to create a balanced team adds immensely to both group and personal performance.

This video dramatises Dr Meredith Belbin's team-role theory, and explains how to identify nine key team roles for a balanced team. It shows that although each team member in an example team has a functional role in, for example, marketing in accounts, they also have team roles. These are critical to the team's success. Each of the nine roles is defined and shown in action.

Belbin explains that teams with fewer members may need people to perform dual roles. He shows how behavioural skills can be assessed and how, with care, teams can be constructed that take account of hierarchies as well as personal interaction.

The benefits

  • Illustrates skills for team building, meetings and project management
  • True-to-life scenario backed by Belbin's credibility
  • Clearly explained structure to understanding the theory

Learning chapters:

  • An introduction to building the perfect team
  • Functional roles
  • Team roles in action
  • Displaying strengths without exposing weaknesses
  • Dr Belbin's recommended team
  • Measuring a person's team-role profile
  • Non-desirable actions of a team-role
  • Dr Belbin's attitude towards a person's weakness
  • The importance of reporting relationships
  • Summary
Style:  Humorous Drama
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