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“How can you find a way to love what you do? Every day?” asks Dewitt Jones.

In this new video he shares with audiences the importance of beginning each day with a full cup.

Dewitt discusses how we all have the ability to love what we do through honoring our passion, making a contribution to those around us, and expressing gratitude.

When you work for the love of it, you will serve as an inspiration to yourself and to those around you.

“You can’t wait for it to come to you. You just have to fall in love with what you’re doing, right now. ”

Key Learning Points:

  • Begin With A Full Cup
  • Find Guides
  • Act As If
  • Express Gratitude
  • Make A Contribution
  • Pass It On
  • Chase The Light


About Dewitt Jones:

Dewitt Jones is one of Americas top professional photographers. Twenty years with National Geographic, photographing stories all over the globe, has earned him the reputation as a world-class photojournalist. As a motion picture director, two of Dewitts films were nominated for Academy Awards.

Speaking to audiences across the country, Dewitt is recognized as a renowned lecturer. His knowledge of the creative process, along with his genuine style, beautiful images, and ability to communicate with audiences, makes his presentations truly outstanding. Dewitts inspirational messages focus on creativity as a matter of perspective and that there is always more than one right answer. Everyday Creativity, Celebrate Whats Right With The World, and Focus Your Vision, Dewitts training programs, expound on these concepts.

Dewitt has also published nine books including California! and John Muirs High Sierra. His most recent book, The Nature of Leadership, was created in collaboration with Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). He is a cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in drama and holds a Masters Degree in film from UCLA. He currently resides in Molokai, Hawaii.

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