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If another person had a gift that could make you a better teammate, leader, friend or parent, would you ask for it?

The gift is feedback, and most of us don't ask for it. Until now. With The Gift of Feedback—you'll tap into a bigger idea: how to seek feedback, receive feedback and how to use feedback positively.

With feedback expert Marshall Goldsmith's proven five-step process, you'll learn how to summon the courage needed to ask for feedback, why it's so important to thank people for offering feedback (even when you don't agree with it) and how to implement the feedback most likely to help you live effectively in all of your interpersonal roles.

Key Learning Benefits:

  • Develop effective performance evaluations
  • Create an environment in which dialogue is honest, productive
  • Become more responsive to customer feedback
  • Stay ahead of change by asking, listening and learning
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Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
21 min
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