This easy-to-follow yet incredibly detailed 354-page book is the industry standard on accents and dialects of the English language. This is the updated, improved and perfect-bound 2011 edition.

You get not only a proven system of instruction instead of mere voice mimicry, but an invaluable collection of 12 CDs. Paul Meier is a leading dialect coach for theatre and film, and contained in this impressive publication is his entire standard repertoire of the 24 most valuable accents and dialects for actors:

In addition to his user-friendly practice material, for each dialect, Paul coaches you in two monologues (one male and one female) from a well-known play or film, and links you to the hundreds of online recordings of native speakers on his International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA).

All practice sentences and monologues are in IPA notation, as well as in Paul's successful "number-keying" system. Easy enough for the beginner, rigorous enough for the experienced professional.

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• Afrikaans (South Africa)
• American Deep South (Mississippi/Georgia/Alabama)
• American Southern (Kentucky / Tennessee)
• Australian
• Cockney
• Downeast New England
• French
• General American
• German
• Hampshire
• Indian
• Irish
• Italian
• Liverpool
• New York
• Northern Ireland
• Russian
• Scottish
• South Boston
• Spanish (Castilian & Colonial)
• Standard British English (Received Pronunciation)
• Welsh
• Yiddish
• Yorkshire

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Set of 24 accents on 12 CDs with 354-page book


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