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The best thing about dealing with a good sales person is you don't feel like you're being sold to. As far as you're concerned you're just receiving good service.

This programme is designed to equip your staff with all the skills and techniques they need to approach sales opportunities with confidence. It looks at a variety of scenarios which all sales staff can relate to, such as the department store, the DIY store, the bank, the shoe shop and many more. Using humorous, and highly memorable, right- and wrong-way scenarios, the four key stages of selling, in both retail and financial situations, are illustrated.

Suitable for all levels of staff who deal with customers, the lessons demonstrated are immediately actionable and accessible, from winning the customer’s confidence, to discovering their needs, from knowing your product, through to closing the sale.
Included in the programme is specific extra content for both retail and financial sales. These cover everything from handling complaints to dealing with difficult customers. Each small, dramatic clip allows flexibility in facilitating a training course.

The key outcomes:

  • Perfects selling skills and techniques to guarantee customers the very best service
  • Increases confidence and effectiveness in all sales staff

Learning chapters:

  • An introduction to the key stages to selling
  1. An autopilot service
  2. The human touch
  3. The wrong approach
  4. The relaxed approach
  • Ignoring the customer
  • Listen and check
  • Know your product
  • Feature overload
  • Keep looking for opportunities
  • Failing to offer other choices
  • Putting objections in perspective
  • Closing clues
  • Harnessing the power of silence
  • Summary

Style:  Humorous Drama

Selling Skills
28 min
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Leader's Guide, Group trainig workbook, Self-study workbook, PowerPoint Presentation


Group Trainers Workbook
Trainer/Leader Guide
Overhead Slides
Self Study Workbook
Art of Selling Certificate

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