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The annual appraisal (or annual review) is an opportunity for managers to assess their team's performance and tackle areas that need improvement in the year ahead.

This comprehensive appraisal package contains everything you need to start, run or improve a company appraisal system.

The main programme uses a realistic drama to outline frequently-made mistakes and suggest ways to improve the skills needed to conduct effective interviews. It also stresses the importance of making objectives measurable, realistic and achievable – and teaches how to monitor results.

In demonstrating how to make appraisal interviews a productive two-way process, the programme includes a wealth of support material designed for both the appraiser and the appraisee. It shows how to prepare for the appraisal and provides guidelines for introducing an objective-setting scheme throughout any organisation.

The key outcomes:

  • Develop skills to conduct positive, effective appraisal interviews
  • Get the most from appraisals by understanding their purpose, and ensuring that both parties are properly prepared
  • Motivate and empower employees by carrying out effective appraisals

Learning chapters:

  • Bad appraisal
  • The three steps to empowering appraisal
  • De-motivated appraisee
  • Prepare
  • Discuss - review
  • Discuss - explore
  • Discuss - agree
  • Follow-up
  • Summary

Style:  Drama

Managing Performance / Appraisals
Selection / Interviewing
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