A fast moving, challenging exercise that dramatizes how teamwork, open communication, active listening, a win-win negotiating approach and other strategies can overcome misunderstanding and bring people together to constructively solve their mutual problems. Makes learning fun and exciting!

Unless a way can be found to stimulate its economy, the beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean island nation of Mantique may be shattered by foreign commercial and industrial exploitation. But the people of Mantique are divided into two political factions. The Environmental faction wants to preserve the natural state of the island and opposes any further commercial or industrial development. The Commercial faction believes that further development is the only way that Mantique can survive as an independent country. Both factions strongly oppose foreign exploitation. The government of Mantique has appointed a Joint Commission consisting of representatives of both factions to negotiate a solution to the problem. Time is running out and negotiations are about to enter a crucial phase!

About 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours depending on options selected by facilitator.

•   Develops team problem solving skills
•   Improves inter group communication
•   Teaches win-win negotiation strategies
•   Builds conflict resolution skills
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Louis Tagliaferri
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