Find out how the emerging technology of multi-source assessment and feedback (360º feedback) can benefit your organization. This handbook presents concrete methods for creating, adapting, and using survey methods to provide sharply targeted feedback to leaders. It contains case examples of applications of 360º feedback and spells out steps for creating instruments, analyzing data from them, and providing feedback in ways that both inform and inspire. The authors give step-by step methods for using the best practices and avoiding the many pitfalls of 360º assessment and feedback.

Selected Contents:
1. 360º feedback as a System Intervention
2. 360º feedback in Team Building
3. Assessing Training Needs with 360º Surveys
4. Assessing Outcomes of Training Investments
5. Creating Instruments for 360º Feedback
6. Data Analysis and Reporting
7. Getting Started in 360º Feedback
8. Appendices: Sample Worksheets, Survey Instruments, and Feedback Reports

Feedback / Coaching
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William L. Bearley Ed.D.
John E. Jones Ph.D.
Paperback * 200 pp
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