An earthquake hits the central European country of Morovia. Is it a total disaster? As two teams of Morning News journalists - it's your job to find out.

How it Works:
This dynamic exercise simulates a hectic office environment. For thirty minutes, the two teams of journalists based in London and Morovia have to communicate by intercom - while continuously listening to information from audio tapes. At the end they each have to write up their news item and read it out to the other team.

What it Does:
It's a quick way of identifying poor communication skills by getting participants to communicate through a number of channels in a short time. Do they help the other team by using the same person on the intercom all the time? Do they take notes? Do they check what they hear? The answer, all too often, is NO!

Other Skills:
* Listening
* Teamwork
* Data handling
* Delegation

2 hrs * Players 6-12
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Trainer's Guide, Briefing Sheets, Intercom Set & Audio CDs

This is a Northgate Training Activity