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It takes most of us months of procrastination to get around to changing the oil or rotating our tires. In perhaps the finest example of efficient teamwork anywhere, a NASCAR pit crew can do all of that and more in mere seconds.

Pit Crew Challenge: Driven To Perform uses the example of an executive team, whose members have little or no experience with cars beyond driving them, taking the challenge of learning how to function as a NASCAR pit crew. The valuable lessons learned can be as strong for your own team: high-energy teamwork, maximum efficiency, best use of individual strengths to optimize team performance, and the rewards of collaborative effort.

Viewers of Pit Crew Challenge will learn to apply the Three Rules of High Performing Teams, expanding their Innovative Intelligence capability. Those rules are:

  • Clarity: Clarify and focus on what is most important
  • Collaboration: Collaborate and play to team strengths
  • Courage: Courageously be deliberate now to go fast later

Take the finest example of quality team training from NASCAR, and apply it to your own teams today!

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