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One of the key responsibilities of any manager is to coach and develop employees. Not only does this include building skills and capabilities for a current job, but also helping an employee get ready and develop for the future. All managers should be helping their employees identify future opportunities and helping them build the required skills for the future. This not only helps the employee be successful, but the company too. This course will help you gain an understanding of what your employee may like to do in the future. A general understanding of the direction your employee wants to take can help you know how to best support your employee as he or she works towards building and developing a great career. By completing this course, you will be able to get to know your employee's career desires and aspirations.

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Get to know your employee's career desires and aspirations

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Coaching Career Development
Managers learn how to guide and coach employees in developing their career within the organization.
As a manager, one of your roles is to help coach and develop your employees. This includes helping them grow in their career. Whether it's understanding a person's career aspirations, helping individuals navigate the company career system, or assisting your employees in building a professional netwo... read more
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