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Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team
Emotional Intelligence is positive and effective. It has direct commercial benefits. Exploiting it creates competitive advantage and encourages better performance. ith Developing an Emotionally Intelligent Team you'll have pages and pages of tried and tested activities devoted to making the teams in... read more
Knowledge Management
21 tried and tested activities for tapping into and sharing knowledge resources
Most organisations know they have vast reservoirs of knowledge vital for future success, but lack the ability to tap into them. Just published, Knowledge Management can help your organisation explore where that knowledge is, and how to tap into it to release its creative potential.Moving beyond the ... read more
Using Emotional Intelligence at Work
17 tried and tested activities for understanding the practical application of emotional intelligence
How confident are you on the subject of emotional intelligence? Are you already committed to the concept but need help in putting it across in your organisation? Or perhaps you don't feel that you know enough to be competent to train people in it ...hatever your knowledge of Emotional Intelligence, ... read more