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Best of Energisers and Pacechangers
100 fun and quick activities for getting and keeping participants in a great learning state!
Energisers and pacechangers are essential craft tools for the trainer. Effective mastery of these tools helps distinguish between a novice and a more ‘seasoned’ operator.Energisers revitalise jaded and weary participants, allowing them to use their minds and bodies in a different way, and thence to ... read more
Best of Icebreakers and Endings
100 great ways to start and end your training session
The first and last few minutes of any training session are vital - this is where you set the tone, get people motivated and into their learning state, and at the end, get them to review, reflect and reinforce their learning. Icebreaker and ending activities can make all the difference to a training ... read more
Communication Skills
Here are modern communication skills training activities including effective use of e-mail, voice-mail and audio conferencing at your fingertips and ready to run!With Communication Skills, youve got all the essential skills of communication covered including much-needed skills development for the mo... read more
Facilitation Toolkit, The
Learn all about facilitation with these self-study and group sessions
Anyone who wants to understand more about the role of facilitation in business will benefit from working through this pack. As a toolkit, however, it provides much more than just a thorough grounding in the subject. There are self-study exercises for the person who wants to develop their own facilit... read more