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Research has clearly shown that if you don’t ASK FOR THE ORDER , your probablity of Closing is less than 20%. The video includes 11 realistic vignettes in diverse business settings with 43 different actors. With Art Bauer as oncamera expert narrator, you’ll see demonstrations of right way/wrong way closing techniques and easy to remember graphic reinforcements of key learning points. The Training Leader’s Guide provides step-by-step roadmaps for either 1.5 hour or 3 hour training sessions.

Key points:
• Customers expect you to AFTO
• Fear is the main reason salespeople don’t AFTO
• What is Tough Minded Sellling?
• Don’t mistake Doubt for Rejection
• The 3D approach to Selling - Dedication, Discipline, Determination
• To close a sale, ask a Closing Question
• Using the Direct Approach to Closing Questions
• Using the Indirect Apporoach: Take-it-for Granted, Either/Or, Step by Step, Positive Negative
• When should Closing Questions be asked?

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