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Program Highlights

  • The power of fresh ideas.
  • Experience a powerful ideas-generating session.
  • Practical tools for jump-starting your creative thinking.

Great ideas are integral to success. Lynda Curtin gives you the tools to generate fresh ideas quickly and systematically. Using the proven techniques of lateral thinking, provocative operations, concept extraction, and random entry, she engages you in a powerful ideas-generating process that will give you something useful to take back to your job. You'll learn how to break out of your current mind box, take charge of your creative thinking potential, and outthink your competition.

Lynda Curtin is founder and president of The Opportunity Thinker. One of a select group of consultants certified by Dr. Edward De Bono, Ms. Curtin helps corporate clients such as Microsoft, AT&T Global Information Solutions, and the Disney Store leverage the creative thinking power of their employees to build innovative organizations. Ms. Curtin holds degrees in business and adult education from the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto.

Creativity and Innovation
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Lynda Curtin
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