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Let’s face it, change is happening all around us and we all know that change can be very difficult for people to navigate. So how do you and your team manage change? How can you cope?

When Sam Glenn speaks about change, he uses the analogy of being on a small sailboat in the middle of a storm. Change is tossing us around and we need to adjust our sails to stay afloat.

As Sam tells us in this video, we can adjust our sail and get out of the storm. We can overcome change! Sam uses funny anecdotal stories and a simple formula to help you and your associates deal with change.

As you watch the program, you’ll develop tools for overcoming changes, challenges, the unexpected, and negative people. Sam introduces his essential navigational tools to help your organization make it through the storm of change. You’ll learn how to move forward when change happens and avoid getting trapped by negativity.

Sam Glenn is an author and motivational speaker. He invigorates audiences with sidesplitting humor, inspirational insights, and candid simplicity. Sam is the Authority on Attitude™.

  • Don’t Panic!
  • It’s OK To Complain, BUT…
  • Stay Positive
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