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Imagine going to your job every day with a big smile on your face and being excited to be there! Well, the Lizard Philosophy will help make that positive attitude happen! More importantly it will improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna? began as a practical joke with a small plastic lizard several years ago and is now a philosophy that guides Sam through his life.

The Lizard Philosophy is all about bringing your best to every interaction you have with customers and coworkers. We promise you will laugh at Sam’s stories as his message helps you improve employee attitude and customer service.

Businesses across the world are embracing and personalizing Sam’s lizard concept and are watching results soar! You can’t afford to miss this wave! The Lizard is a philosophy that can be used to motivate and inspire every employee.

Sam Glenn is an author and motivational speaker who uses humor and straightforward lessons to help you and your organization work better together – and deliver better service to your customers. Sam is the Authority on Attitude™.
  • Be Creative
  • Remember What’s Important.
  • Go Above and Beyond
  • Have Fun!
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