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Understanding customers’ real needs is the key to closing the sale.

Peter Davison plays an angel who helps out an old sales rival. The video concentrates on the vital difference between a product’s features and benefits.

The characters take us through a number of humorous sequences, explaining:
How to find out what the customer wants
How to differentiate between product features and benefits
How to express that difference through the selling formula ‘which means that...because.’

This video concentrates on developing a win-win transaction: the customer buys what they want and need, while the sales person achieves sales success.
Good sales technique will help the customer recognise their requirements, and align them to the product or service offering.

Who could benefit?
  • New and experienced sales people
  • Telesales staff
  • Sales Administrators
  • Customer care departments
  • PR departments and anyone else who may have contact with customers

Key learning areas

  • Never underestimate your importance as a sales person
  • Earn the customer’s confidence by showing concern for their concerns
  • Ask relevant questions and listen to the answers
  • Don’t sell your product, help the customers to buy what they need
Running times
Main video: 25 minutes
Summary video: 15 minutes

Sales administrators
Selling Skills
25 mins + 15 mins
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